Meet the Vancouver Pediatric Dentistry Team

Dental Clinic Staff

Angela, Doretta, Misa, Ryanne, Kenzie, Sarah, Nicole, Rebecca, Amanda, Lisa and Holly are our pediatric dental assistants. They are involved in all areas of treatment, as well as building a strong rapport with children and parents. All have worked with children for many years and are very special, caring people.

April, Ronda, Trisha, Vicki and Vivian are our pediatric dental hygienists. They are responsible for educating our patients and parents in good oral hygiene and help with cleaning and restoring our children's teeth. Vicki has been with Dr. Pete since 1990!

Jennifer, Glee, Sherry and Shivahn are the first people you will meet. They run the business office. Jennifer has been with Dr. Pete since 2001.