The Orthodontics Clinic Vancouver Families Turn To

The Orthodontic Clinic at Vancouver Pediatric Dentistry

We've begun a unique Orthodontic Program for patients in need of braces or other cosmetic dentistry. The program is special in that it is for our patients only and because our patients must earn 20-30% of the cost of treatment in the following three ways:

  • They must be good citizens. That means having good school attendance, giving their best effort at school, and earning the respect of teachers and peers.
  • They must have good hygiene. Not only good dental hygiene, but avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other abusive substances. Their school counselors will validate progress in these two areas three times a year.
  • Our orthodontic patients will commit to 40 hours of bona fide community service during the first 16 months of treatment. Patients fulfilling these commitments, will earn a significant reduction in the cost of treatment.

Our goal is for Orthodontic patients to have “ownership” in the cost of treatment and learn about giving back to our community. We're blessed with wonderful children and families. Our desire is to help our patients grow and mature as they take a step of responsibility towards their health care.


Meet Dr. Retoma

In our orthodontic program, you will meet Dr. Regina Retoma.  She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine.  She is experienced in interdisciplinary orthodontic treatment of adults, teens, and children. 

Her zest for life inspires her to engage in a broad range of interests to include: golf, crossfit, running, rock climbing, skiing, traveling, cooking, archery, along with a plethora of other outdoor activities.

Our patients find her enthusiastic, fun, knowledgeable, and caring.   We are fortunate to have her participating in our practice.